The numbers are in! Oh hell……

Had to start the morning off with some inspiration.  I’ve been following Pat Barber for two years now and my fiance makes fun of me saying I have a one-sided Bromance, but I have no shame, I don’t care!  Pat and the crew at NorCal Crossfit are solid and I use them for inspiration all the time.

What are some of the ways you inspire yourselves?

Okay….without further procrastination……..

So thank you all for joining me in my baseline release post! I have to admit last night I had second thoughts about actually disclosing this publicly.  After some talking to myself I decided I really need to do this for me and maybe it will help give some others the courage to step out there and challenge themselves.

Caliper Results (in millimeters)

Chest: 26

Abdominal: 28

Thigh: 26

Calculation: 23.69% (calculated using bodybuilding.coms tool)

Body Measurments (in inches)

Arm: 14 3/4

Chest: 45

Waist: 39

Thigh: 26

Weight: 229.4    (wont check this again for two weeks)

I still have six weeks three times a day of physical therapy but I will start a full scale training plan adapted to my abilities on Monday the 20th, Ill share that plan with you then.  I’m hoping to adapt and advance it as I recover.

I have to admit I’m excited to get back to it or as some say GET AFTER IT!!!!!

4 responses to “The numbers are in! Oh hell……

  1. Great job being willing to share your numbers. There’s something freeing about it and then you can move ON to meeting your goals.

  2. I like to draw inspiration from those less fortunate than myself who still achieve great feats! Your a brave man sharing your skinfolds online. Good luck with your upcoming training, I’m looking forward to following your progress.

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