A Penny Farthing for your thoughts!

Over the weekend was the first ever High Wheel races at the Tour De Frederick.  I linked to it on Friday and made sure I was in downtown Frederick for the event.

Two things I loved, pedal power and the fact that the majority of the racers were of all ages and in great pedaling shape.  The event was one hour long and the racer with the most laps won.  I was inspired at the level of conditioning they displayed as they went round and round on their Penny Farling’s while still showing the excitement and happiness that this event gave them.  To me there is nothing better than challenging yourself to the point that your face contorts from exertion and at the same time having the biggest smile on your face one pedal (or step) past the finish line.

Maryland’s very own Larry Black

I had a great time at the race and will be back next year to cheer on the racers or maybe even race myself.  I have already started working out the logistics and my sales speech to LO as to why I need a Penny Farthing!  Tour De Frederick truly good show old chaps!

4 responses to “A Penny Farthing for your thoughts!

  1. Yep…I was going to say…why not join them next year? It would be a great thing to work toward and looks like a great time. Win * Win ! Those tires took really tiny though. ha ha

  2. That is really cool. Thanks!

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