Your Shake Weight will be Jealous

I became part of “The Movement” well before my injury.  My good friend who also happens to be the Director of Fitness at my gym introduced me to TRX.  I looked at the TRX bands and images of Tony Little danced through my head.  I might have made a sarcastic comment, but then the workout began.  Lets say TRX earned my respect that day. Nothing against Tony, I’m sure you understand.

After that, I started using the TRX suspension trainer at my local gym so much that I contemplated buying the system for my garage and just canceling my membership.  All I can say is, I should have, but I’m a sucker for a sauna…… DAMN YOU SAUNA!

After my injury TRX is still proving its worth and results for me.  I have limited motion and strength in my shoulder, but with the versatility of the TRX system I can adjust the load on the exercise as I need and it’s even helping me stretch out and increase my range of motion. So not only am I increasing strength (slowly) but I’m helping increase my range of motion (My PT is very happy with my progress so far).

If you haven’t used the system I recommend it highly.  The video above has a bunch of clips by TRX one after the other.  Once you get with the movement your Shake Weight will be rusty with jealousy, collecting dust on the shelf.

Sorry Shake Weight.

One response to “Your Shake Weight will be Jealous

  1. It’s hilarious that you mention Tony Little….and now to embarrass myself in front of the blog world, I have two of those Gazelle’s and believe it or not, they really help take it easy on my knees (85 pounds still to lose here). I have one on each floor of my house and use them a couple times a week. The gym..I’m so addicted to the free weights…and the sauna IS amazing, I totally agree, although I still have trouble learning to breathe right in there. ha. Shake weights…odd and funny item but DANG IT if they don’t work! My PT says they would have them in their facility but they didn’t think much work would get done. 🙂 My upper body is so weak that it helps. TRX…I will check it out. The arthritis in my shoulders cause me problems with motion. Thanks for the introduction.

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