Wary Weekends

The run that wasn’t…..

So the past weekend was a mixed bag for me.  Saturday started off right; I got up and prepped to run 8 miles for my long run.  I can create all sorts of excuses but I cracked at the 3.5 mile marker……  The rest of the weekend was an up and down challenge.   We attend the LPGA Futures Tour (with championship pavilion passes!), took my son camping over night (I didn’t have a S’more!) on his last Weekend before school started and even got a little time at the pool in between storms.

Weekends are the hardest time for me when training.  All work week long I drink lots of water and implement healthy eating and then the weekend comes with beer and cheeseburgers…… oh don’t forget the pasta salad.  I will thank ichoosetolivestronger for giving me the recipe to bake Kale Chips at home (well LO baked them).  I didn’t realize how much I would like them!  My son even liked them so much they’re packed in his lunch for school today.

I had a very event heavy weekend and for the most part had a fun time, but when I fall off of my healthy menu and don’t hit the training goals I set for myself I end up feeling kind of empty on Monday. So after my first full week I can’t say it was a total success.  What I can say is its forward momentum that I will build off of.  This week will be better than the last and today will be better than yesterday because that’s my expectation of myself!

Friday the 31st will be the next numbers day, see if I’ve made an impact yet, stay tuned.

How do you beat the weekend? Really I need help…….

10 responses to “Wary Weekends

  1. Weekends are hard, but trust me when I say they do get easier. I think for me what helped me treat the weekend like week days was seeing improvement in whatever — my performance as a runner, my weight if I was trying to lose, my endurance, my ability to lift heavier, etc. If I see actual improvement I’m less inclined to eat crap food because I’ve worked so hard and am actually seeing results. Like everything its a process to learn (or relearn) how to stay healthful — it’ll become habit the longer you work at it — and also remember that we’re human and life is short so once in a while the cheeseburger and beer are okay and we should not beat ourselves up over it. Good luck! I’m sure you’ll master it!

  2. I ride farther… Oh, and I don’t stick to a diet during the week so I don’t feel guilty but I do watch portion sizes. Finally, when I do get a week(end) off, I enjoy it but watch the portions (size matters). I brought my bike on vacation and rode every day so I went nuts… And gained less than one pound.

    There’s only one night every two weeks in which I’ll pig out – after my 39 mile club ride… Come to think of it, that’s tomorrow! Yes!

    • Man after my own heart! I need to put in some serious miles like you….. How do you fit it all in?

      • I wake up very, very early (4:30 am at the latest). During the week I’ll ride for 50 min – 70 min every day, then 2 hours every other Tuesday evening. Friday evening is good for 25-35 miles then Saturday 35-50 and 1-2 hours on Sunday. A few scheduled centuries and my metabolism is so high it’s tough to keep weight on. The trick is all in the portions – this winter I’ll be relegated to 30-45 minutes on a trainer in my office at lunch time with a few runs every week – I’ll cut back on the serving sizes to maintain the proper balance.

      • I hear you – I’m either really awesome or completely stupid – depending on perspective. Now that’s funny.

  3. So glad to hear the Kale was a hit. Being out of town has caused me to crave it. Weekend eating…I have a lot of weight to still shed, so I have to stay on plan. But when I do want more to eat, I eat MORE of what is on my OK list. Yeah..it’s boring.

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