I Scream You Scream We All Scream For……

I will be first to admit I’m an emotional eater and will even be quoted joking saying, “I eat my feelings” but its true.  I use eating as comfort, stress relief and to celebrate.  I can think back to finals in college and would run out to the 24 hour grocery store around 1:00am and pick up a cherry pie with a pint of ice cream and finish it before the sun came up while studying.  In my mind a promotion equals a big dinner and a bottle of wine (or 2) maybe with some ice cream.  If I’m feeling blue nothing beats a couple pints of ice cream, see the pattern? It starts with Ben & rhymes with hairy’s…..

Maryann Tomovich Jacobsen’s topic about rewarding your child with food, I feel is spot on.  My parents love to celebrate and reward with food.  It’s an instant gratification reward and as a parent you want to make your child happy (and make them do something without a drag out fight). I don’t hate them for it but I feel that I have an unhealthy relationship with food in part because of it.  I am what rewarding a child with food looks like 20 years later……

Being the father of a 6 year old I’m having trouble not becoming my parents.  I have such an emotional connection to food that I find myself repeating my parent’s mistakes.  This past weekend was the last weekend before school started and one of the first things that popped into my head was to make a big deal about it and tell my son we needed to go get ice cream to celebrate the last weekend before school. What was I thinking! I am constantly fighting back events or moments like this because I know the effects they had on me.

Then you add in the “Grandparent” factor. My son sees my parents often and he falls victim to the same rearing that I did. Actually he hustles for it…..  It’s been very hard trying to break my parents of their habits. Is it just me or do parents not take being parented very well? I’ve lost more than I’ve won I’m sad to say. It’s not their fault I’m sure they were raised the same way and were rewarded with food when they were children.

This topic has been on deck a lot lately with LO and I and this article is just one of thousands on the subject. It makes me realize that I need to fight for my sons healthy choices, just as much as I need to fight for my healthy choices, and fight I will do.  It wont be easy, just the other day we were having breakfast and the waitress asked my son what kind of toast he wanted. LO answered wheat while my son answered white.  I then broke the tie saying wheat, but guess what came out of the kitchen.  Even a total Stranger was willing to have her tip suffer because she wanted to make my son happy.  Yep, white toast was on that plate.

Just like with myself I’ll never give up and never stop improving for me and for my son.

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3 responses to “I Scream You Scream We All Scream For……

  1. I have a tough time with my daughters too brother. I’m not so afflicted with food, though I do eat my fair share of garbage. With the constant barage from…seemingly everything coming from everywhere, I do my best to lead by example (and get their butts on their bikes and into the pool or lake every chance I get). My wife, God bless her, is a rock when it comes to junk. Don’t know what I’d do without her.

  2. Thanks for the mention!

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