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Headed NORTH!

I’m headed to Nova Scotia!

Found out last night that I will be heading to Nova Scotia in place of my boss Wednesday Morning.  The flights are terribly long with lots of stops but I’ve never been and I’m pretty excited.  I will post on my instagram (dirthillphoto) and twitter (@fitnessclyde) as much as I can and hope to have some amazing posts when I get back on Monday.  I’m looking to eat clean with lots of fresh seafood and keep travel snacks down. I feel I’ve made progress and don’t want to ruin it right before a progress report on Monday…..

Wish me luck!

Muddin Is How I Do

Talking to my physical therapist last Friday we discussed the up coming Tough Mudder challenge that I had signed up for months before my accident.  Should I run Tough Mudder or not?  He looked at me like I was slightly crazy and I was wondering the same thing in my head.  Later that night I was still conflicted as the first of two couples running the event with LO and I arrived at our house.  We had a primal dinner and catching up it was great, but I still couldn’t make up my mind if I should run. Continue reading

Like the Hulk or not…..Results Edition

I’m back from the holiday weekend(I missed you too) but that’s not to say I haven’t been working on my fitness plan.  Work has been crazy (didn’t get home till after midnight on Wednesday) the past couple days, really make it weeks.

Over the weekend I watched the new movie by Mike Birbiglia, Sleep Walk With Me. An interesting thing struck me while watching…… You are more limited by your mind than your body.  In the movie Mike has a sleep walking disorder and in one of his episodes jumps through a second story window thinking he needed to escape a missile attack, yeah I know you thought you had problems.  He recants it as if he was the Hulk flying through the window landing on the ground just to get up and keep going.  Mike jumped through a second story window and kept going! Why? Because his mind told him he could……

How have you limited yourself because you told yourself you couldn’t?

I originally was going to post results on Fridays but it’s not working out the best trying to get it recorded before I need to run out the door for work in the morning so I decided it was better to move recording to Sunday and release the results on Mondays (or Tuesday if it’s the week of labor day).

So without further delay…….

Caliper Results (in millimeters)

Chest: 28  (2 weeks ago = 26)

Abdominal: 29  (2 weeks ago = 28)

Thigh: 24  (2 weeks ago = 26)

Calculation: 23.95% (2 weeks ago = 23.69%)

Body measurements (in inches)

Arm: 14  (2 weeks ago = 14.75)

Chest: 44.5  (2 weeks ago = 45)

Waist: 38  (2 weeks ago = 39)

Thigh: 25.75  (2 weeks ago = 26)

Weight: 232.2  (2 weeks ago = 229.4)

Not what I was hoping for but what I was willing to accept.  These first two weeks have been hard to set the routine, my body has been tried and sore and it feels like for nothing.  I know better though and have to keep my drive, focus and make everyday better than the last.  I’ve put the work in and now as I continue I will reap some rewards, I can feel it coming.

Nutrition changes that’s the next step. As I’m working out more my body is demanding I fuel it. I just need to set up a cleaner way to stay fueled and increase my results!

Photo: Pintrest