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Wary Weekends

The run that wasn’t…..

So the past weekend was a mixed bag for me.  Saturday started off right; I got up and prepped to run 8 miles for my long run.  I can create all sorts of excuses but I cracked at the 3.5 mile marker……  The rest of the weekend was an up and down challenge.   We attend the LPGA Futures Tour (with championship pavilion passes!), took my son camping over night (I didn’t have a S’more!) on his last Weekend before school started and even got a little time at the pool in between storms.

Weekends are the hardest time for me when training.  All work week long I drink lots of water and implement healthy eating and then the weekend comes with beer and cheeseburgers…… oh don’t forget the pasta salad.  I will thank ichoosetolivestronger for giving me the recipe to bake Kale Chips at home (well LO baked them).  I didn’t realize how much I would like them!  My son even liked them so much they’re packed in his lunch for school today.

I had a very event heavy weekend and for the most part had a fun time, but when I fall off of my healthy menu and don’t hit the training goals I set for myself I end up feeling kind of empty on Monday. So after my first full week I can’t say it was a total success.  What I can say is its forward momentum that I will build off of.  This week will be better than the last and today will be better than yesterday because that’s my expectation of myself!

Friday the 31st will be the next numbers day, see if I’ve made an impact yet, stay tuned.

How do you beat the weekend? Really I need help…….

A Glass of Syrah Today For a 2-A-Day Tomorrow….

A 12 hour work day with a working lunch later yesterday created a missed gym session for me.  I am a firm believer in making time not excuses.  Some of my favorite quotes to create motivation to get my workouts in are sayings like “While you’re having another beer she/he is running another mile” or “You’re in Five Guys, they’re in the GYM”.

Yesterday though…. Yesterday was one of those days when I left the office at 7:00PM and I could have went to the gym (I had my gym bag with me for my lunch time workout). Instead I went home, LO took one look at me and so dutifully decanted a bottle of 2008 NxNW Walla Walla Valley Syrah and handed me the glass.

Waking up this morning knowing that I didn’t get the gym in yesterday was eating at me.  I have a three mile run scheduled today which is planned out for this evening when LO and I can run together, but I left my gym bag in the truck and WILL get my postponed gym workout in at lunch as well!  Sometimes life throws curves and you need to adapt your schedule.  I’m making sure that my decisions yesterday DO affect my decisions today.  I didn’t get the gym session in yesterday so I need to get it in today and also keep my run for today.

I might not have stuck to my schedule perfectly but I’m not creating EXCUSES as to why I can’t get my three runs and two gym sessions in this week.  I’m creating SOLUTIONS as to how I can!

Man with a Plan

Monday was my first official day back into a fitness plan.  I’m looking to start off by doing three days of running (it’s what I can do the most of right now with my injury) and two days of strength training.

So yesterday I hit the gym and did the circuit below 3 times with 15 seconds of rest in between each set and 30 seconds rest in between each circuit.  I also did a five minute warm up and cool down on the tread mill at 6.0.

20 kettle bell squats

15 push ups

15 Elevated leg crunches (15 of each leg alternating)

This morning I woke up to do my first tracked run, 4:30am……..  Now I have run a couple times last week trying to feel it out. Most were short two mile runs with a 4 miler thrown in there.  The runs where uncomfortable, it’s amazing how a weakened core can create havoc on your run.  I did get 6 miles in this morning which I feel good about its been over 3 months since I’ve run that far.  I definitely ran it slow but also felt pretty good through most of it.  The results are below.  I used Mapmyrun’s free app I think I need to look into a better tracker but it did the job.

My name is Mark and I’m a Clyde


LO & Me after our first 1/2 marathon

It was about six years ago I came across an article in Dirt Rag Magazine that F’ed with my head.  If you are into mountain biking and its culture I highly recommend the magazine by the way.  With that said I was reading an article from an author that is talking about his experience racing in his local circuit as a “Clydesdale”.  I had never heard of this term and it caught my interest, come to find out that “bigger” guys have a division all of there own. Most events define the Clyde category as males above 200 pounds.

That fateful night I found out I was a plus sized athlete…

I initially took this shot to the head in a couple different ways. The first being triumph, triumph that I was of such a massive stature that people like me need our own division for our massiveness as to not scare the “little” athletes.  After that testosterone induced moment wore off depression set in.  Wait my size isn’t awesomeness it’s a handicap?

If my size necessitated a unique division because of its dominance they would have used a Thoroughbred as its representation not a Clydesdale.  Clydesdales though strong and picturesque are not quick or agile I was being classified as big and slow.   So go out their young Clyde and run/bike as fast as your heavy slow body can take you! When you finish we will be so proud and amazed that you even could do it.

How was I supposed to take this? Should I embrace my Clydeness or fight it? I’m not alone in this debate Clyde’s all across the country are fighting with the same question.  I think it’s a personal decision that only the Clyde can answer.  For me I’m a glutton for punishment and want to compete in the largest grouping of athletes so I ignore my designation.

This isn’t to say I completely ignore my Clydness.  I’m just a Clydesdale working hard to spank Thoroughbreds across the battlefield known as competition! Maybe its time to get a shirt made.  It should be a shirt that proclaims my ownership of my size with a warning of my capabilities. The front can say, “I am a Clydesdale”.  The back will say “Warning if you can read this run faster or watch for droppings!”